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Despite my intentions, this blog has not progressed much since January. Unsurprisingly, I became caught up in my literature review, seminars, and other activities required during the first six months of my PhD. Fortunately over the past few weeks, I’ve begun original research on Australian urban heritage, and written a draft of my first PhD chapter. I’ve been tweeting regularly. It is now time to return to this blog.

Last week, I ventured from Melbourne to Canberra for a week of research into the Gough Whitlam Labor Government’s national estate, 1973-75. The national estate was a heritage concept. Deployed by Whitlam, “Minister for Cities” Tom Uren and others, the national estate concept was used to develop federal, state and local heritage processes. In Canberra, I looked at documents about the Inquiry into the National Estate, 1973-74. This inquiry’s most tangible outcomes were the Australian Heritage CommissionAustralia ICOMOS, and, to a lesser extent, nationwide state heritage acts.

I’m now in Sydney for the Australian Heritage Association (AHA) conference. At this conference themed ‘Foundational Histories’ I’m giving a paper on Wednesday on the transnational origins of Australia’s national estate. I’ll be tweeting throughout the conference:

More to come.


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